Cajun Microwave for Cooking up that Louisiana Style Suckling Pig
Electric Food Warmer
Fondue Dish
Bride's Cake Table
Groom's Cake Table
Chocolate Fountain
Table top Cajun Perot to fill with finger foods
Horse Water Trough to fill with ice and beer
Saloon Style Bar

There is commercial cooking equipment in the facilities that you are welcome to use as well.  We make it easy for those on a tight budget.

A Picture Perfect Wedding At Our Ranch

-Would be held mid-morning, late evening or during cooler seasons as our facilities are not air conditioned, just like in the old west.  They are however heated.

-A large outdoor tent and seating would accomodate all of your guests during the ceremony and for dancing at your reception.

-The indoor facilities would be where the cater or your family members are cooking, staging, and serving the food items.

-The western saloon style bar, complete with bar stools, is the perfect watering hole for your cash bar. 

-Your favorite potted plants and flowers are staged in and about the facilities. 

-You ride up to the wooden horse bridge that ends with an arch covered in real flowers you have selected.  You dismount and take the walk to say your vows. 

Additional Perks
The Bridal Photo Shoot on the property is included before the wedding with the photographer of your choice. 

The office area attached to the club house will be made available for bridal party dressing the day of the wedding and for the photo shoot.   

If the Bride and Groom own their own horses, they may be boarded at no additional costs the day before. 

If the Bride and Groom do not own their own horses, Camelot will provide two horses to ride to the wedding on or away from the wedding for an additional fee.

All weddings with a guest list of over 35 people must provide a mandatory outdoor tent with chairs for their guests for the wedding ceremony. If you plan on including a band or DJ, the tent must be large enough to accomodate dancing as well.   Here is a link where you can get both tent and chairs.  Event Rentals Our fees are $300 for a guest list of 35 or less.  Our fees go to $400 for a larger guest list.  Parking is limited.     

Call for a tour and fees.
(337) 781-4312.

Wedding Bells

We provide the facilities and coordinate deliveries and clean up afterwards. You may use any tables and chairs that we have in the facilities and place them where you like as long as they are returned to their original location after the wedding.  If you need additional seating or tables, you are responsible for supplying them and if rented, returning them.  You will have use of the facilities for decorating and preparing from sun up till 11:00 p.m., on your wedding day so all your carefully laid plans can be put into place. If you are having a mid-morning wedding, you would have use of the facilities for decorating and delivery purposes the day before.