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If bred to CHESTNUT- eeaa: 50% smoky black, 50%palomino. CHESTNUT-eeAa: 25% smoky black, 25% buckskin, 50% palomino. CHESTNUT-eeAA: 50% buckskin, 50% palomino.
If bred to BLACK- Eeaa: 75% smoky black, 25% palomino. BLACK-EEaa: 100% smoky black
If bred to BAY-EeAa: 37.5%buckskin, 37.5% smoky black, 25% palomino. BAY-EeAA: 75% buckskin, 25%palomino. BAY-EEAa: 50% buckskin, 50% smoky black. BAY-EEAA: 100% buckskin.
Remember, these are all possibilities, and the final coat color can be influenced by other coat color genes, some of which have not been identified.

If your horse is Grey, Silver, Dun,Tobiano, Roan and sabino, you must identify the base color of the mare and calculate that 50% of the foals will inherit that gene. Smutty, Pangare, and sooty genes are also another factor determining the color of the foal and again calculate it at 50% inheritance. If a silver dapple gene is thrown from the mare, you will get a Buckskin Silver, Yellow Silver, or a Smokey Silver based on the information in the above chart. If a Champagne is thrown from the mare, the foal will be a Champagne Cream.

For in depth information on cream genetics, click on our link button and choose the Cremello and Perlino Foundation

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Color Percentages for breeding your mare to a Smoky Cream

Breeding To A Smoky Cream

Pictured:  Our Smoky Cream Stallion, Color Quest T.F.