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"Q" has sired over 30 foals.  He must be doing something right.

Tennessee Walking Horses-Camelot Wilderness Ranch
How important
are genetic traits  in breeding?
Temperament            25-30
Wither Height            45-50
Body Weight             25-30
Body Length              35-40
Heart Girth                 20-25
Cannon Bone             20-25
Pulling Power             20-30
Running Speed           35-40
Walking Speed           40-45
Trotting Speed            35-45
Movement                  40-50
Cow Sense                Moderate to High
Conformation              Moderate
Reproductive Traits      Low
Intelligence                 Moderate to High
Trait Heritability Estimates
from the University of Florida
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Tennessee Walker Cream Breeding Stallion
"I have thought to breed a noble horse is to share with God in one of His mysteries, as well as one of His delights".
Tom Lea, The Hands of Cantu

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