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Tennessee Walking Horses-Camelot Wilderness Ranch

Riding the back woods of Camelot,  you experience beautiful bayous and mysterious swamps, with picturesque cypress trees, oaks, honey locust, maple, swamp willows, mayhaw and the native palmetto. Rabbits, ducks, and soaring hawks are a common sight. Occasionally, on lazy summer afternoons,  a bobcat, coyote, or white tail deer may be glimpsed only being eclipsed by the call of our very own owl. Closer to the front, a sense of peace and serenity envelope the ranch as the south wind blows, intertwined with the occasional neigh of the horses and the soft surreal chimes of Chapel bells from up the road.   Winter time brings an even quieter stillness as the trees loose their leaves and the back woods become cloaked in gray. The gray soon fades as everything seems to be poised for ambush, waiting to explode into green again at the first hint of spring, which always arrives early here, in South Louisiana.    It is that beauty that lured us to this place. 

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Camelot Wilderness Ranch was established in 2002 and is located in Leonville, LA in the heart of Cajun Country.  The ranch is apprised of about 60 acres of pasture land, a 10 acre crawfish pond, a one acre brim pond, and 40 acres of pristine, Louisiana style woodlands, our Sherwood Forest

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TWH Ranch in Louisiana
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