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Our Herd

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(337) 781-4312.

"Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses."
Elizabeth Taylor
Amber Green Eyes
Amber's Bohemian Spirit

Gold Strike's Rosie

She's Society's Lady
Bourbon Street Belle
P.J. & The Rest of the Crew

Madamoiselle BelleQuest
(Baby Belle)

Sweet, deeply sensitive, and affectionate.  Strong sense of fairness. Complicated. Lead horse in the herd dynamic.
Quiet, easy going, and laid back.  Let's things just roll off his back. Doesn't take it personally.  Submissive in the herd dynamic.
Childlike disposition.  Playful, happy go lucky, can do attitude.  Submissive in the herd dynamic.
Demure, catch me if you can attitude.  Highly intelligent.  Matron Mare in the herd dynamic.
Confident, beautiful, friendly, very vocal. Packs big presence in a petite frame. Dominate mare in the herd dynamic.  
Born confident and friendly. Affectionate. Lots of presence just like her mama.  Easy to teach.  Quick and willing study.  Baby Bell in the herd dynamic.
P.J. is always the first to meet and greet visitors to our ranch.  He is sweet, highly intelligent, and takes his guarding duties seriously.  All of our animals are special and unique, each in their own way.  They are family.