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1997 by Go Midnight Ryder x Stan's Midnight Lady

This Smoky Cream Stallion is double registered TWHBEA and RHBAA. "Q" comes from the legendary Midnight Sun and Merry Go Boy lineage.  His pedigree also traces to Barker's Moonbeam who is the sire of Roy Roger's Trigger Junior. (See Photo below.) Barker's Moonbeam was one of only two offspring sired by Golden Sunshine. Golden Sunshine was a son of Golden Lady who is the first documented champagne in the walking horse breed.  Golden Sunshine was gelded early on. Q's fourth dam on the top side, Moonbeam Jane, is a half sister to Trigger with Barker's Moonbean being their sire.
This muscular, 16.1 Hands stallion is a joy to ride.  He possesses the naturally smooth, olde tyme ground covering gait that Tennessee Walking horses are famous for as well as correct conformation and that great TWH head shake.  When pushed beyond the classic running walk, "Q" breaks into a rack, rather than a pace as most do when pushed beyond the running walk limit. There is never a time when riding him that he is not smooth no matter how much speed you are asking for.  He is therefore four gaited as opposed to three gaited. He is built for endurance and stamina which he contributes to his foals.   As you can see in his pictures, he has a wonderfully rounded croup and a large, muscular chest. His back end is built for power.  He has a refined head, large eyes, and short back which is so important for a walking horse. His colts are large in size, and like him, calm, noble, and gentle. Additionally, Quest has a big blaze and two back white stockings which you can't see in his

Trigger Jr. bloodlines.

"A prince is never surrounded by as much majesty on his throne, as he is on a beautiful horse."----William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle.
Tennessee Walking Horses-Camelot Wilderness Ranch
History of the Tennessee Walking Horse

 Featured in "Walking With Friends".

If your looking to breed to a stallion with those traits which he passes on to his offspring, and whose gait is a little more on the square side (but not trotty) rather than the pacey side so often found today, he is your guy. He is absolutely the perfect match for a pacey TWH mare with the added plus of contributing a cream gene 100% of the time.  He contributes bone, size, gait, disposition, and color to other breeds.  This stallion rides and breeds.  Not a problem.  And for those who have had the opportunity to ride him, they all comment that it feels like they are riding on a cloud.  "Q" is simply magnificent in every way!  If you reside in the area and are considering a breed to this wonderful guy, we would be happy to let you experience his smoothness at our ranch. Just call to make an appointment.  Some breeding barns do not ride their stallions at all so it is hard to tell what you are getting in lieu of movement.  This gentleman of horses does it all....show ring, expos, parades, even trail and usually done with a lady along for the ride.  He has graced the cover of magazines and pages of books. He is simply a superb ambassador for this breed. 

"Q" IS the King of Camelot and we are very proud of him. Good looks, kind heart, he touches your soul. We consider "Q" as a trusted family member who is loved deeply. Camelot is his kingdom.

pictures, only in person.  He contributes those markings more than 75% of the time to his offspring.  He has also produced a beautiful smoky black colt with one baby blue eye out of a bay mare.  This is rare for the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed. 

Roy Rogers and Trigger Jr.

You Live On...
Forever strong, brave, kind, and loyal, in Our Hearts
Your presence etched in our memories, Forever proud, regal, and majestic
March 30, 1997 to April 1, 2010

This page will remain up in tribute for our one of a kind, blue eyed stallion.
In Memory of our Beautiful, Sweet Stallion
Tennessee Walker Cream Breeding Stallion