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Hurricane Refuge

In the event of a Hurricane, Camelot will open its pastures to temporary boarders.  This service is for mares, geldings, and foals.  We are not able to accept stallions.  We are located about 20 miles North of I-10, Lafayette, LA,  so are well out of the way of storm surge although we are certainly susceptible to the winds and rain of a Gulf Hurricane.  We are 6 miles south of Opelousas, LA.  Our horses are typically turned out which we believe is safer.  All pastures do have sheds in lieu of shelter.  Our fee is $10.00 per day including two daily feedings during the duration of your horse's stay. A current coggins is required and horse should be up to date on his/ her vaccinations.  Please call or email for availability in the unfortunate event that you need to evacuate your horse(s).  We can board up to 20 horses on a temporary basis.   

Work Phone:  (337) 507-7267
Cel Phone:  (337) 781-4312 or (337) 781-5548

As sort of a storm guide, we received barely any effects from Hurricane Katrina which was a direct hit to New Orleans but we did receive a lot of wind and rain from Rita, which was a direct hit to Lake Charles, with very minimal damage.  Most importantly, no injuries to our horses.  But as with any area directly hit by such strong storms, we cannot guarantee your horse's safety. 

Hurricane Refuge Services

TWH Ranch in Louisiana

Hurricane Refuge

For reservations call
(337) 781-4312.