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Fishing at Camelot

Our pond is located in a quiet area of the ranch.  It is very peaceful and picturesque.  In the late afternoon, dragon flies playfully skim the surface and dart all about.  It is almost surreal, at that time of the day.  Even if you don't like to fish, it is a wonderful place to meditate and relax.  I am not a fisherman, so for me, that is the best part.

Thanks to the kindness of a B&B customer who is also a very skilled fisherman, I have a few pictures of fish caught in our pond.  Though it is a small pond, we have quite a few large bass and brim.  We know we also have catfish.  Visitors who love to fish are invited to enjoy our pond, but the bass are catch and release only.  However, you have a chance at a great photo op with the catch of your life!  Bream and catfish may be kept although there is a limit on size and amount.