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Healing With Horses
All equine afficiondos will agree that grooming a horse is just as rewarding as riding. In some ways, even more so. There is nothing like seeing the contentment of a happy, relaxed horse and all horses absolutely love the experience of being bathed and pampered. This experience is sort of like going to the spa, because it is rejuvenating to the human spirit.   The only difference is, you are physically giving, and the horse is physically receiving.  However, you are receiving on an emotional, unseen, spiritual level.  Some people even enjoy the hard work of
mucking a stall.  As the old saying goes, hard work is good for the soul.  It certainly applies here.

Horses also make good listeners and have very strong shoulders, for what ever cares you release to them.  If we also listen closely, horses can teach us much about ourselves.    They help us to see our weaknesses and our strengths.  Horses live "in" the moment.  They don't care about the past nor worry about the future....everything is "now".  When we are in their presence, it places us in the "now" and all our cares leave us for a while.  Whether you want to meditate admist our herd(we'll show you how), or simply be-friend them with grooming and petting, you will "receive" peace, relaxation, and perhaps even walk away with joy in your heart.  Meditating with horses has a tremendous positive effect on depression although we are certainly not advocating that one disregard the adivce of his/her medical/mental health professional.  This service should be used instead as additional support.    The fee is $20 whether you stay an hour or a day. Email or contact us at (337)781-4312 to reserve your equine therapeutic session.

This service is FREE to our Bed & Breakfast customers.

Design Your Experience
Always loved horses but your hectic life prevents you from owning one?  Wanna have a day, a morning, or an afternoon to escape and enjoy the spirit of a horse?  From grooming, mucking stalls, to just hanging out with an equine friend, you decide.
Pictured:  one Year Old, Ayden Lee Patterson and one week old,  Lace

For reservations call
(337) 781-4312.


This service is FREE to our Bed & Breakfast customers.

When we are with horses, we do not need to speak.  Words are unnecessary.  They know exactly what we are feeling because they are extremely intuitive.  I have witnessed many times in fact, during training sessions, doing nothing but "thinking" a thought and the horse responding correctly.   That is their nature.  There is an old saying that horses can go between heaven and earth at will.  I would imagine this is what the saying is all about.  They are not stuck in the five senses as we humans are. Horses are particularly in tune to strong emotions, both good and bad.  If you are deeply sad, they know and you will find the energy they surround you with soothing.  If your heart is joyful, you are a magnet.  When you mediate with a herd of horses, you will receive what you need to receive and sometimes, it is not what we hoped for, but what we needed. Sometimes we are not in touch with what our true emotions are or what energy we ourselves are reflecting.  Sometimes horses mirror that energy back to us. Sometimes we must work to figure out what the message is and what the experience taught us about ourselves.  Above all else, we must be open to "truth". Horses are very honest.  What ever we experience when with the herd, it is our responsibility to process through it to figure out what change in us, if any, is necessary for the good of our soul.