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This page has been created for those who are passionate about horses and who love to write poetry or stories about them.  It is YOUR page.  It is real easy to use.  Please type in your story or poem and simply press the submit button. Once it is approved, we will publish it below.  If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please attach and send to pds@oxlite.com.

Equine Expressions

I Can hear the hoof beats at Midnight , as I stand silently. I wonder what is this ? Who am I?
I Feel the herds heartbeats in a rhythm of time , I Wonder what is this ? Who am I ? I I can Imagine All The Great Herds From the beginning Running FREE!! WHO AM I ?

I no longer wonder who I am . For I am proud you see, to know me.. and my families spirits have been on earth since the Father God created all . To be ,sent from the same Heavenly and Holy Place In The Clouds before eternity , All The Angelic Host Refrain , In a Eguine Symphony ,Like a Forever and everlasting ballet, AS All Our Hoof beats In Rhythm With all our Hearts , SENT AS A Reminder OF Gods Majesty Love. Its For All our Families, as we Close our eyes and Hear the Hoof Beats as the Herds Of The Midnight Run and our Hearts Can feel the Beauty of the Dance as The Wild Stallions Run Back on the Plains to Gather The Mares and Foals to Run and Play And Grow , Some to stay free and Live to play and Grow to a Mature and Happy Life , Some to Entertain at The Rodeo , Some to Be Pets And Be used to ride .

In The Early Days of the Frontier. My Family and A Family of Morgans and some Thorough Breds Got together, and Started The AQHA! From The North to South, East to West, from sea to shining sea , My Spirits Been Here and thanks to ALL YOU Who Understand and Protect Gods Plan and All that's Good And Truthfully Just and in the Spirit of Goods Love, I and All My Ancestors Salute you For Protecting all or New Babies and foals and Mare as well as The Colts and studs For All This We Love you! For The Good You Have already done as well as the good you'll do WERE All Standing - To Express our Gratitude for Service Above And Beyond the call! WE Celebrate your Braveness and Unselfishness as you Create a safer and More Loving Place on Earth to Preserve our Generations to come To Live and Gallop Free and Let Gods Creation and Nature Take its Course. IF You Would Like to know The Originator of The Celebration of YOU !!!! AS WELL AS This Source , I Am the Sprit of the Four Winds Running Free , Created By The Father God The SPIRIT OF The HORSE !

by Michael James Cadwell of Royal Majestic Highlander Ranch
Who Am I
Dedicated to the Spirit of Color Quest T.F.