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Our Stallion Quest,  is a double cream dilute, a smoky cream, meaning he will always contribute a cream gene to his offspring.  Below are the possibilties of breeding your champagne mare and other single cream mares to a smoky cream.

Amber Champagnes may carry both a black and a red gene in addition to the Champagne gene.  They may also carry an agouti gene, or not. Depending on these factors, the color potentials are as follows:  Gold Champagne Cream, Classic Champagne Cream, Amber Champagne Cream, Palomino, Buckskin, Smoky Black. 

Classic Champagnes can carry both a red and a black gene in addition to the Champagne gene.  They may or may not carry an agouti gene.  Depending on these factors, the color potentials are as folows:  Classic Cream Champagne, Gold Cream Champagne, Palomino, Smoky Black, Amber Cream Champagne, Buckskin.
Palominos carry a red gene and may or may not carry an agouti gene along with their cream gene.  The color possibilties are:  Palomino, Cremello, Smoky Black, Perlino, Smoky Cream, Buckskin.
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Champagne & Cream Breeding Genetics

Breeding Champagnes and Single Cream Dilutes to a Smoky Cream