Bird Watching At Camelot

At the back of the property, where there are no sounds of humanity, I have seen many other rarer birds over the years.  The general rule of thumb is that the farther you go into the forrested area, the larger and more unique

the birds get.  The back 40 acres of Camelot are actually protected by the State of Louisiana as a wildlife wetlands area.   We are only allowed to create and maintain horse trails there.  Some of the birds I have seen are:

Bald Eagle or possibly a B/W Hawk Eagle or even maybe some type of white headed Condor
Great Blue Heron (love our crawfish pond)
Little Blue Heron
Barred Owl
Wood Peckers (Many Varieties)
Wood Ducks (and many others which I can't identify)

If you want to hear the sound of a Great Blue Heron, click on the player below.   If asked, please allow the add-on.

I decided to do a special section on bird watching at Camelot, for those who enjoy that hobby. I am definitely a novice but do love it.  At some point in time, I do plan on trying to photograph some of the birds we see at Camelot for our website.  The one pictured here is not a picture I took, but is a species of bird that I have seen many times, the Great Blue Heron.

At the front of the property, you see many common birds, as well as not so common.  Here are some that I have seen and could identify:

Ruby Throated Humming Bird
Magnificent Humming Bird
Cattle Egrets
Snowy Egrets
Harris Hawks
SwallowTailed Kites
Common Black Hawks(And many other types of Hawks which I cannot identify.)

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